Dan Buchanan

Dan Buchanan

Dan was a New England home builder and flat-track motorcycle racer, and enjoyed the thrill of flying off mountain tops, when in 1981, he paralyzed his legs landing in stormy weather. Losing his ability to walk, he returned to college to pursue a career in mechanical engineering and worked in Silicon Valley, CA.

Despite his handicap, Dan returned to flying within six months, and since then his tenacity and adventurous spirit has allowed him to accrue more than 2,800 hours of flight time in hang gliders and sailplanes. His recreational flights are typically 3-6 hours long thermal soaring as high as 18,000 feet over the western mountains.

After his first air show performance at Medford, OR in 1989, his appearances increased each year, and now he shares his thrill of flight with millions of people around the world during his annual 25+ city Airshow  tour.


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