Michael Wiskus

Michael Wiskus

The longer I live, the more I realize that life’s battles and challenges will always result in a positive outcome, when I completely trust my Father in Heaven. That means bringing it to Him in prayer and fasting, and letting him do the heavy work.

I’ve also found that everytime I get dragged out of my warm comfort zone and thrown out into the cold , it’s involves pain, and will most likely test or challange one of my weaknesses. But God is good and allowing him to take control and lead me through even the toughest times, has made me stronger, wiser, and a even a little more tolerant. Just trusting Him, and stop trying to fight the battles on my own has always been the hardest part. It’s hard to let go and let God. But remember, according to the Bible, Jesus has already paid the price. The battle has already been fought and through Him there is Victory.

 In 2013, I was forced, “by nature”, to crash-land a twin-engine aircraft with a full load of passengers, onto a snow-covered field on a very wintery night in Minnesota. I wasn’t expecting this to happen and it defiantly was not part of my flight plan or itinerary.  All of the weather forecasts did not include the possibility of severe icing. Yet despite all of my efforts to keep that aircraft flying, we still continued to loose altitude while fighting the elements of severe freezing rain. It was hard to accept the fact that I couldn’t do anything to stop our descent. With one engine failed and the other bairly running, it wasn’t my ability, but His Grace that got us through that very dark, low overcast, snowy, rainy night. It really resulted in a true test of Faith.

My life as an Aviator, businessman, Husband, Father of four, even a stage 3 cancer survivor, has taken many unplanned and unexpected descents, all of which I have risen above in victory. I wouldn’t trade any of my experiences, tests or trials for the world.

Billy Graham once said;

We will never know what we truly believe,
until it’s a matter of life and death.

I’ve been at that place in my life and I know that I’m not going to live forever. But I believe in my Father God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit and I know He has a place for me when this life is over.

So be strong, don’t give up and above all, trust God and know that he really is in control and has a flight plan for your life. You only have to file it with him!

Michael Wiskus
Lucas Oil Airshow Pilot


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